Upon Awakening

When Maribel leaves home in search of a new life, she finds herself alone in a big city with no friends and about to drink away the last of her money. As she faces the ridicule of her failed dreams, she is swept off her feet by a tall, dark stranger, Kal.Tensions mount when Kal brings home a friend and invites her to stay with them in their tiny home, against Maribel’s wishes. Realizing Kal isn’t who she thought she was after being the victim of his abuse, she meets John. He becomes her lifeline. The calm in her storm.John teaches her what love really is and she starts to see her value and worth. Things only get worse though, when Maribel is hit with the evidence of Kal having an affair.Will Maribel stay with Kal? Will she continue to look past his indiscretions and abuse? Will she run away with John in the hopes of a better life? What will Maribel choose Upon Awakening?

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